Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Principal's June Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The end is upon us and we still have so much to do! The next two weeks are packed with fun, excitement and celebrations of a wonderful year!

Last month your children in grades 3-5 really worked hard on the NJ ASK. We are all so proud of them. The test results will arrive sometime in the latter part of the summer.

Our Spring Concert was a huge success. The students played and sang beautifully! Thanks go to the music teachers who did an amazing job despite traveling to three and sometimes four other schools each week. Their love of music shined through and the students definitely showed that at the performance.

The Bingo for Books night went well. Thanks to the PTO many children went home with a great book to enjoy. I hope more families join us next year for fun and prizes.

Our last class trip is today with 5th grade visiting the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. They get to visit places and see history come to life. The 3rd grade “cooked” a bit at the Patriot’s Game but they came back happy and excited and the 4th grade once again visited Native Lands and joined in with many of the Native American traditions and customs. Many thanks to the PTO for providing the funding for the buses which allow our children to experience their studies in these real world experiences.

Our annual Science Fair was a real treat. Our young scientists created and presented many amazing ideas. Thanks to Mrs. Tanzi for organizing this great evening and congratulations to the students and their parents for their time and efforts to bring these projects to completion.

Our kindergarten will experience two special days this week. Today they will get to participate in a sample of their next year’s full day schedule. On Thursday they will enjoy our fun and field day. I hope they enjoy being here all day as I will enjoy having them here with us.

Fun and Field Day is here again. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. Thanks to Mr. Eckert, Ms. Fresco and the PTO under the direction of Mrs. Cullin and Mrs. Karvaski, the day is planned with fun and exercise for all. Thank you to the many volunteers who make this day each year a success. Without your help it would not happen.

Our 1st grade Author’s Tea will be held on Tuesday, June 7th and the 5th grade Talent Show will be on the stage that night at 6:00.

Our end of year festivities for our kindergarten and 5th grade will culminate at their Send Off and Farewell. The Kindergarten Send Off will take place on Monday, June 13 at 10:00 and 2:00 and the 5th grade Farewell will take place on June 9th at Edison High School at 6:00.

The PTO is holding its final fundraising event of the year with their Father’s Day sale on June 9th and 10th.

There are so many people to thank on the PTO who have made all the events and fundraising successful so our children can experience trips, assemblies and enjoy the pleasures of the many books that we earned from the Scholastic Book Fairs. Thank you to all who volunteer and especially to the Executive Board, Mr. and Mrs. Cullin, Mr. Jeffreys, Mrs. Heller, Mr. Stryker and to the two teacher liaisons, Mrs. Latham and Mrs. Tsirikos. We all appreciate your time and efforts and unending perseverance to get things done.

Congratulations to our new Executive Board for 2011-2012. It will be headed by Mr. Jeffreys as President, Mrs. Yabra, as Vice President, Mrs. Heller and Mr. Stryker as Secretaries and Mr. Anderer as our Treasurer. I know that they will carry on the tradition of putting our kids and their education first. Together we are already planning another year of fun and family.

I would like to wish Mr. and Mrs. Cullin, President and Treasurer of our current Executive Board, much luck and success in the future. They leave the Lindeneau Family better to have known them and memories of a wonderful PTO year. They, along with their daughters, Kate and Georgia, will be missed by all. Thank you for believing in the good work of the PTO and along with the membership, making it all happen.

On behalf of my staff and myself, I want to thank the PTO for the delicious luncheon that you provided for us. It was such a treat to have a relaxed lunch and for me to actually eat lunch for one day. ;)

There are so many people to thank for making our school year a great success. Without all of your love for our students it wouldn’t be possible. To the many volunteers who kept our library running, Mrs. Bills, Mrs. McCann, Mrs. Koszelnik, Mrs. Rotella, Mrs. Tuttobene and our grandmas, Mrs. Szebenyi, Mrs. Grillo and Mrs. Stryker, thank you for spending your days with us. We loved having you! To our Edison High School volunteers, thank you for giving back to your community and to the many PTO volunteers, thank you for devoting your time to our kids. I would also like to thank Mrs. Abreu for arranging the Intergenerational Luncheons with our Lindeneau Seniors each month. I want all of you who help our school by devoting time, energy and talent to know that we appreciate all that you do for us.

May having been Teacher Appreciation Month, I want to say thank you to my faculty and staff for coming to work each day with an enthusiasm and true love of learning and teaching that make our children’s day an amazing experience. Thank you for setting the bar high and always expecting the best from our students. They deserve the best and I know as their principal I give that to them every day by employing the best of the best.

I have been approached by many parents regarding the graffiti on the playground. The playground is township property. I do have my custodial staff cleaning it up whenever it is possible. If there are any problems with it over a weekend or over the summer, please notify the Parks Department. That would be a huge help to us.

Have a great final two weeks and my June newsletter will provide you with information regarding our Summer Reading Challenge and class placement for next year.

With much appreciation,

Rosemary Schutz