Saturday, September 21, 2013

School Libraries Make a Difference

School Libraries Make a Difference to Student Achievement

Via Edison Township School District

As more and more school districts are confronted with difficult fiscal decisions, school libraries are often one of the first line items to be sacrificed. We clearly recognize that extensive research shows that schools that have relied on their libraries to support student growth specifically in the areas of literacy, information literacy, technological skills, and access to resources and equipment, have seen increased motivation, higher assessment scores, and ultimately higher graduation rates. Not only do we believe it, we have seen this achievement growth right here across all of our schools in Edison.

That is why the Edison Public Schools have invested deeply in our school libraries over the past two and a half years. We have completed over fourteen (14) state of the art school library renovations with just three (3) schools remaining, which will take place during this school year. All of these libraries are filled with wonderful resources including great literature, technology and bright and inviting colors and furniture.

Today, when people ask if school libraries are important we are quick to assure them they are more important than ever, but like technology, the library in today's schools has to dramatically change to be relevant to today's learners. School libraries are a powerful force in the lives of our children. The school library is one of the few factors whose contribution to academic achievement has been documented empirically, and it is a contribution that cannot be explained away by other powerful influences on student performance. It is our goal and mission to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our staff and students that maximizes the learning opportunities for everyone involved in our learning community. Our library renovations are part of this plan and we believe it is working throughout all the Edison Public Schools. We are proud of our school libraries and we will continue to invest in them in the future.