Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tricky Tray Basket Wrapping ~ December 16 @ 6:30PM

December is the month that the PTO gets into full swing Tricky Tray mode! This is our biggest opportunity to fund the year's PTO activities, lessening our reliance on various other fundraisers. It is a great chance to turn parents' effort into money. Instead of sending home stuff to sell and getting 10% of the sale price, we solicit free donations of items from businesses and individuals, add in a lot of parent & teacher effort, and keep nearly 100% of the money from the event. We need your help! This is a giant project, and it is only possible through the coordinated effort of many people. We have all types of jobs available, large and small. Some are in-person such as group wrapping sessions in the evening at the school to bundle prizes. Others can be done from your own home and coordinated by phone or email. Even the tiniest time commitment on your part will help us make this event a success!

Our first basket Wrapping night is Thursday, December 16 6:30PM. Please join us!