Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Charter School Petition

Dear Concerned Citizens of Edison,
We need your help! There is an application for a Hebrew Immersion Charter School, Tikun Olam Charter School, which will be processed on March 31st on the fast-track. This charter school will accept students from Edison, Highland Park, and New Brunswick. It has been disclosed that the site for this school will be somewhere in Edison. If this Charter school is approved it will have devastating effects on our already slashed budget. Just to give you a frame of reference, there is a Hebrew Immersion Charter School in East Brunswick and the East Brunswick School District pays out $2 million to that charter school out of their existing budget.

This means that all of the items the residents of Edison and the teachers fought to keep in our budget last year can be stripped from us not because of budget cuts but because this new Charter School could possibly take away hundreds of thousands of dollars from our Edison Budget.

Please sign the PETITION that was created by the Highland Park Save our Schools group.
You can sign the petition online:
Online Petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/14/opposition-to-tikun-olam-charter-support-for-charter-reform/
You can also sign up to get alerts from the SAVE OUR SCHOOLS website.
A Great Blog with editorials about Charter Schools and Vouchers: http://oppositiontocharterschools.blogspot.com/
NYTIMES Article about Highland Park & Charter Schools:

Darlene Delli Paoli,  ETPTAC dardp@optonline.net