Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Newsletter

Hello Lindeneau Families,

Dr. O’Malley, our superintendent, will be presenting the 2011-2012 school budget at our April 14th meeting.  This is your opportunity to meet Dr. O’Malley, learn about the budget and ask questions.  When you vote on April 27, you will be able to make an informed decision about the school budget.  The PTO hopes you will be able to join us for this meeting.  Babysitting is available.  Also, at that meeting, we will be discussing the PTO Executive Board positions.  Interested in running for a board spot?  This is your chance to ask us questions, hear what the job entails and consider making a positive impact by volunteering your time for the Lindeneau community.

I am excited to announce that the PTO has made a gift of $8500 to our school.  This money directly benefits our children as each classroom teacher, as well as the Art, Music, Physical Education, Guidance and Speech programs, received a stipend to purchase supplies or resources for their students.  Some teachers are utilizing the program to stock their classroom libraries, while others are replacing supplies that have dwindled throughout the school year.  Mrs. Schutz is using some of the money to further stock the library.  Thank you for supporting our efforts this year and making this gift possible!

Hope to see you on April 14th at 7 PM for the PTO meeting!  Questions?  Drop us an email at

Christine Cullin