Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Jersey Assembly Overwhelmingly Approved Charter School Reform Bills

Last night, the New Jersey Assembly overwhelmingly passed both of the charter schools reform bills for which Save Our Schools NJ has been advocating.

Assembly bill 3852, which requires local approval for the establishment of new charter schools, received 47 yes votes; 17 no votes; and 14 abstentions

Assembly bill 3356, which ensures that charter schools have financial and educational transparency and accountability and demographically represent their communities, received 72 yes votes; 6 no votes; and no abstentions.

Both bills received bi-partisan support. We will post how individual Assembly members voted on our web site and Facebook page as soon as this information becomes available.

The next step for both bills is the State Senate. We will be working to ensure that the bills are heard as quickly as possible and will let you know how you can help to make that happen.