Monday, December 5, 2011

Principal's December Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we enter the last month of the year, I tend reminisce about the past year and the wonderful times and pleasures that I have had with your children and my amazing staff. This year was no exception. So many exciting activities and great learning has taken place that it is too much to write in one letter. I will highlight this past month though and the joy that I see on the faces of the children as they purchased their rewards in the “Tiger Ticket Shop” or earned their stripes in the “Tiger Stripe” reward incentive. Working together to earn a reward for their class is team work at its finest. I am proud of their camaraderie and enthusiasm. All of the classes are well on their way to reach the goal of seven stripes. Mrs. Concodora, Ms. Mullan and Mr. Sorkin’s classes have just completed their tigers and have chosen to have a movie and popcorn one afternoon and extra time out on the playground respectively. I am very much looking forward to rewarding other classes as I “prowl” around the building catching them doing the right thing.

It was wonderful to see all the parents at conferences and I hope that you are pleased with your child/ren’s accomplishments. Continue to encourage them to always strive for the best and with your help and ours, they will achieve it. Sometimes the push is tough on everyone but in the long run it will pay off. These are the important years of their education because this is where it all happens. The rest of their learning builds on this foundation so let’s together build their foundation as strong as it can be for a solid and positive future.
Our first grade feasted during their “Pow Wow” on a complete Thanksgiving meal donated by the Skylark Diner. They sang and truly enjoyed the togetherness that their teachers provided for them. 

December is going to be another quick and busy month. Our fifth graders will return to Camp Bernie for an overnight stay to enjoy the great outdoors and meet some of the students that they will meet up with next year at middle school. The fifth graders earned this rite of passage and I am so happy that the board has once again provided it for them.
Our new breakfast program begins on Monday. All students who are eligible for free or reduced prices will be given breakfast in their classroom at the start of the day or soon after depending on their class schedules. Breakfast will be provided for them every day so there is no need for ordering if you are eligible for free or reduced prices. All other students may order breakfast weekly at a price of $1.00 per day. Please refer to the paperwork that went home or call the office if you have any questions.

The PTO has many exciting activities in store for your children this month. Thanks to Mrs. Rosenfeld, our Reading Specialist and the PTO, we will have the author, Mike Knudson, visiting our school on Thursday. It is always a pleasure to welcome published authors. Hopefully it will inspire one of our own to pursue writing as a career. The Holiday Fair will also be held for our students to purchase gifts for the holidays for their loved ones. It is scheduled for December 14th and 15th.

Our next exciting family event is our annual Breakfast with Santa/Craft Fair which is being held on December 10 at 9:00. The committee is in need of volunteers. Please try and commit to an hour or more so this wonderful event can continue. Please email the PTO if you can help.

Our kindergarten through 2nd graders will enjoy a live performance, sponsored by the George Street Playhouse, entitled Peacemaker. They are in for a wonderful treat. Having a quality theater performance here at our school is so special and I am grateful to the George Street Playhouse for granting us the opportunity.

Our second grade, again sponsored in part by the PTO, will be visiting Jenkinson’s Aquarium as one of their culminating activities of their Science unit. They will be studying a penguin in preparation for their upcoming Penguin Day celebration.

We have been notified by our school photographer that pictures will be in next week and they will be scheduling a retake session shortly after. Since this is a new company I would love to get your opinion, positive or negative, so we can make a decision about the company for next year.

Our annual food drive is under way. We provide for many needy families in the community so please donate as much as you can. Donations can be left in the front lobby.

Once again I want to thank everyone for all your unending generosity to me each holiday season. I appreciate your kindness and feel your love. I will encourage you however, to use your hard earned money towards a donation to the library or to our food drive. There is no greater gift for me than to see the look on a child’s face when they open up a new book.

I also want to thank the many parent volunteers who work our PTO events, library and help out with fliers, school store etc. I am making a general thank you since there are times that I may miss people who have helped and were not acknowledged with a personal thank you. Please know that in my heart we at Lindeneau truly appreciate your time, efforts and generosity. Since I don’t want anyone to feel slighted, I want to thank the volunteers from the Boogie Bash, chaired by Mrs. Kentos and Mrs. Pena, the ladies and gentleman who work our library, the school store and all other school functions. Without your help Lindeneau would be just a school and not the loving family that we are.

Enjoy the joy of this giving season,

Rosemary Schutz