Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Save Our Schools: Sign The Petition

We Need Your Help Edison!

The organizers for SOS NJ are asking for our support with regards to the proposed changes to the charter schools laws that will be heard this Thursday in the Assembly Education Committee. Specifically, we are looking for support for Assembly bill (A1877), which will give local communities (where charter schools are proposing to operate or draw students) THE RIGHT TO VOTE on accepting, or not, the proposed charter school. I feel strongly that this is a necessary step to prevent what has happened in this state where special interest charter schools are forced upon a community which must then pay the bill. Or in the instance of Edison, repeatedly having to fight against an application every time they re-apply.

I am asking you to click on the link below to sign the petition in support of this effort:


The group has nearly 4,800 signatures to date and they are hoping to have well over 6,000 before they present it to the Education Committee on Thursday. On the heels of another fight to push off Tikun Olam, I hope you would welcome the opportunity to sign the petition. At this point the group has relatively small numbers from Edison.

We need your help Edison!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Richard O'Malley, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools