Thursday, March 1, 2012

Principals March Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As quickly as February came, it is over. We are entering a month of changes and weather uncertainty with the hope of spring. School at this time of the year is also changing and filled with uncertainty as the work gets more challenging and the hope of new and exciting continues.

February was a short but busy month. Parent/teacher conferences were held and it was great to see how proud you were of your child's accomplishments and to anticipate your thoughts about how to keep the fire burning when it comes to learning.

At our Character Counts assembly we applauded the students who show trustworthiness on a continual basis. They were recognized and celebrated with a pizza lunch.

The PTO and the teachers joined together to host the Second Annual Reading Night. The evening was fun and educational. It was wonderful to see families coming together to listen to quality literature and creating masterpieces connected to the stories read. Along with listening to books, many families went home with new books purchased at our Scholastic Book Fair. We were able to purchase $1700 worth of books from the profit of the fall book fair for our library. I am looking forward to ordering more books from the profits of this current and our May Book Fair.

As the marking period ended, our Tiger Ticket Shop reopened for the students to spend their tiger tickets which they earned for being a good citizen of Lindeneau School. The students are very excited when they hear them and we are very excited to award them. This along with our Tiger Stripe initiative has truly rewarded good behavior both on an individual basis and as a class. The students love celebrating when they stripe their tigers seven times. This has been a worthwhile and team building experience for all.

To encourage good sportsmanship and team building, Team Lindeneau came together to make it to the semifinals in the district staff volleyball game and our students were treated to an assembly where sportsmanship was the theme. They witnessed teamwork and good sportsmanship in action when once again Team Lindeneau took to the climbing wall to scale it with and without competition. Our quickest participant was Mr. Harry, our beloved facility manager followed by Mr. Kitchell. The team consisted of Mrs. Tufte, Ms. Pecce, Ms. Dunham, Ms. Gillis, Ms. MacIntyre, Mr. Eckert, Ms. Brotspies, Mrs. Kraemer, Mrs. Sheldon, Mrs. Galligan and even me! It was a fun experience and the children congratulated all whenever they saw a climber in the hallway. Thanks to Ms. Bobko, Ms. Fresco, Mr. Kitchell and Mr. Eckert for their efforts and to the Leadership Club for teaching us the meaning of good sportsmanship.

The last week of February and the first days of March, we are celebrating Read Across America. We have completed our yearly competition and on Friday, March 2 the primary grades will be watching "Dolphin Tale" and grades 3-5 will be enjoying a concert performed by both parents of Lindeneau students and also former students of Lindeneau. Individual and class winners for reading the most minutes will be awarded later in the month when all totals are calculated. On Friday, the students who participated in reading a minimum of 360 minutes over the two month time frame will be permitted to wear pajamas to school. They have also earned a free ticket to Six Flags.

Throughout the week the students will also be listening to stories read by Superintendent O'Malley, members of the Board of Education and other noteworthy citizens and community helpers.

Beginning March 1-March 16, the students in grades 3-5 will take the last NWEA assessment for the year. Results will be sent home by the end of the month.

Also this month, the students in grades 4 and 5 will attend an assembly presented by former NFL star, Lonnie Algood and other athletes encouraging students to stay drug, and alcohol free and to stay in school since professional sports are just a small part of a life. This same group will be playing basketball against Edison teachers at Edison High School on March 11th.

Our annual Festival of the Arts will take place on March 15th at 6:00. Ms. Blahuta, Mrs. Resnick and Mrs. Wojcik are hard at work getting your children and their works of art and song ready to thrill and entertain you. Come see and hear the amazing accomplishments of your children in Art and Music.

Many PTO events continue to occur and on Friday, March 2 we will have our annual Tricky Tray. Thanks to many people, especially Mrs. Dawn Slocum, who chaired the committee, there will be over 445 prizes to be won. Thank you to our PTO for all their hard work for the children of Lindeneau School.

The Lindeneau Teacher of the Year recognition is always a special time of the year. The quality of teaching in this school is second to none and this year’s winner is a perfect example of that. Mrs. Linda Tsirikos has won the honor this year. Mrs. Tsirikos is a caring and conscientious teacher who gives so much of herself to help our students. Throughout the years, Mrs. Tsirikos has been on many committees, attended many after school events, tutored many students both before and after school and is a leader amongst her peers. I know that you join me in congratulating Mrs. Tsirikos on her award and thank her for the countless hours that she dedicates to the students of Lindeneau School.

Sincerely yours,

Rosemary Schutz