Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Principals May Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is amazing that we are at the time of the year for NJASK. Testing began today for our fifth graders and they will be testing until Thursday. The third and fourth graders will begin testing on Monday, May 7. Fourth grade will complete testing on Friday and third grade will end on Thursday. Good luck to all the students. They have been well prepared and just need to do their best and they will do fine. Please be sure that they have a good night's sleep and have a good breakfast.

May is also "class trip" month. Our first graders will travel to the Staten Island Museum this Friday. The kindergarten will go to the Turtle Back Zoo on May 23. Third grade and fifth grade will be venturing out on May 24 to the Somerset Patriots Game and Philadelphia. Thanks to the PTO and your hard work with fundraising that these trips are made possible. Without the PTO contributions, trips can cost up to $35 per child because of the bus fees. Thank you and please try to support the many events and activities that the PTO has to offer each year.

April was a very short month. With spring break the month just flew by. Together we enjoyed each other’s company at McDonalds. We also enjoyed the "arena" provided through a grant from the American Dairy Association. The students have truly enjoyed the look of a professional arena. This grant is to promote good health and good eating and to reduce childhood obesity.

The second grade has been taught safety rules and healthy living through the hard work of some Edison High School students and the Babes program provided by the Edison Municipal Alliance. The students learn so much from these programs and look forward their visits.

On Friday, May 4th, our Positive Behavior Support Committee will be offering ice pops for $1.00. The proceeds from the sale will support the reward system which will be instituted in the fall. This is also a grant awarded to our school for rewarding students for appropriate school behavior.
After testing, the upper grades will have an assembly which explains and educates us all on autism. One of our parents, Mrs. Bickers, who is a special education teacher, is presenting this very important message. There will also be an environmental assembly on "Being Green". These are two very important assemblies for all to experience.
Last month we recognized students who were chosen to be caring. We enjoyed a pizza lunch and together celebrated their accomplishments.
The winners were:

AM- Domenick Rotella, Hayden Waters
PM- Marc Kentos, Rachel Cuison

AM- Alyssa Zigre, Sarai Suazo
PM- Kyle Roben, Danasia Jackson

Ka’leelah Gardner, Jessica Pelaez

Grace Milcsik, Elvis Lopez

Nicole Britton, Aaron Litvinov

Daniel Hernandez, Gael Luna-Saavedra

Sara Cosgrove, Landon Posner

Latham/ MacIntyre
Rithika Ganesh, Will Calabrese

Kimberly Caicedo, Brenden Lang

Grace Reyes, Byron Grande-Kegel

Brotspies/ Zalinsky
Gustav Olsen, George Castillo

Costello/ Kraemer
Yahir Tobon, Christopher Stracci

Kevin Luna, Dilys Zundel

Mitchell/ Moran
Alayah Taha, Jamiya Parrott

Jacquelyn Pelaez, Christian Aragon

Galligan/ Kitchell
Melanie Lucero, Diana Castillo

Konar/ Tsirikos
Stephanie Belizario, Anna Pelaez

Haya Siddiqui, Samantha Belle

Hart/ Tanzi
Jayson Nieto, Elaria Ibrahim

Sean Ash, Emily Papadelias

Mullan/ Sorkin
Nancy Saavedra, Andrea Sellers

Sarah Hard, Briana Reyes

To continue in the tradition of Lindeneau being a caring school, we will host the “Hoops for Heart” fundraiser. The proceeds of this fundraiser benefit the American Heart Association.

The PTO is gearing up for the final Book Fair of the year. It will be on Wednesday, May and Thursday, May during the day and the Thursday evening, the book fair will be held and we will cap off the night with "Book Bingo". Keep your eye open for flyers for our PTO Mother's Day sale on May 9th and 10th. Volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

The fourth grade will be hosting the first annual New Jersey Day on May 24. They will be highlighting all that they have discovered about the "Great Garden State". (Details will follow).

The first week of May is “Teacher Appreciation Week”. I am always excited to celebrate the wonderful work of the dedicated staff and faculty of our school. This group of professionals is the most caring and hardworking that I have ever had the good fortune to be associated with in my career. Their days never end at 3:30 nor does their week end on Friday. Teaching is a 24/7 job all year long. Summers are used for professional development so they can be ready to teach the newest information that the educational community has to offer. I know that you join me in honoring the special people who encourage a love for learning everyday of their careers.

I also want to take this time to acknowledge the many volunteers who are also a big part of the success of our school. As we appreciate the certificated staff, we are never to forget the many people who are behind the scenes to help the school year move along and be valuable in all areas of their lives.

According to“Dictionary.com,” volunteers are defined as "persons who provide a service willingly and without payment". We have many of these people who do just that. I want to thank our library volunteers; the PTO Executive Board and all the people who volunteer to run or assist at various events. Without their efforts Lindeneau would not be the great place to grow that it is.

Just a reminder that May 25th and May 28th, school will be closed because of the unused snow day and Memorial Day.

To all our lovely ladies and the men who have taken on both roles, have a great Mother's Day!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather,