Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Principals End Of Year Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As the school year comes to a close, I want to say what a great year it has been! We have all learned so much and grown so much and look forward to more.

This month we surrounded ourselves with memories of six years gone by and a look to the future.

The month began with a trip to Nativelands by our 4th graders which turned into a second date due to inclement weather. It was a valuable experience for our students and their parents to experience Native American culture reenacted for them. A great day was had by all. The fourth grade also hosted Pen Pal Day with the fourth graders from Ben Franklin School. They had been corresponding with them throughout the year and this gave the students the opportunity to meet and chat in person with their pen pals.

Our students showcased their talents in two different shows. The Annual 5th Grade Talent Show brought out the talents of our students in musical, comedic and dance numbers. What a treat to see our students shine in an area other than academics. Congratulations goes out to Grace D’Amato who took first place with her
singing and guitar playing number.

The fourth and fifth graders also performed at our Spring Concert at John Marshall. Under the direction of Mrs. Resnick and Mrs. Wojcik the students performed beautifully in numerous numbers. What a treat!

The week was capped off with our annual Fun and Field Day. Thanks to the PTO and Mr. Eckert, the day was strategically planned and it went off without a hitch. I want to thank him and the PTO Executive Board, along with all the volunteers for giving of their time for this event this and every year. The weather could not have been more perfect and the sea of class colors brought it all together.

At our end of year assembly we recognized our Citizenship Pillar winners and the students who exhibit all six of the pillars of Character on a regular basis. The students were all awarded a pizza lunch, medals and  certificates.

The Citizenship winners were:
Boland /Rispoli
AM- Joey D’Elia, Julius Cesar
PM- Riya Patel, Danasia Jackson
AM- Dhriti Guddeti, Holly Rizzo
PM- Romulo Tobon-Ramirez, Danaya Jackson
Isabella Naso, Doug Sabosik
Daniel Sweeney-Rosales, Taylor Britton
Davin Lowe, Josie Sanchez
Armando Camacho, Alison Doan
Danielle Watsey, Alisha Johnson
Latham/ MacIntyre
Michael Lord, Thomas McCann
Rosemary Bernabe, Jessica Bangar
Annabelle Medina, Jillian Lord
Brotspies/ Zalinsky
Rediet Mereke, Briana Villegas
Jack Bills, An Nguyen
Stephen Kuriakose, Matthew Jeffreys
Angelina Roberts, Beena Prajapati
Guadalupe Herrera, Jeanine Vidola
Madison Oughton, Francesca Salzone
Jack Calabrese, Elaria Ibrahim
Peter Marotta, Tien Pham
Samantha Belle, Gnaneswar Chundi
Anthony Robertson, Iniya Arasu
Mason Posner, Emily MacMahon
Henry Maurath, Kelvin Chen

The Principal Award winners were:
Grade 1
Hena Patel, Karola Zimon, Alyssa Celik, Patricia Huang
Grade 2
Nimisha Kumar, Alvin Deng, Pranav Chundi, Anna Yuan
Grade 3
Dylan Maida, Alyssa Stoddard, Michael Haluska, Jose De la barrera
Grade 4
Diana Koszelnik, Husham Ahmad, Stephanie Belizario, Anna Pelaez
Grade 5
Johanne Vidola, Fumika Hasegawa, Kacper Koszelnik, Rida Sohail
Allison Xie, Alison Sia, Brennan Zundel, Casey Loeffler

On June 14th we acknowledged our fifth graders with the Fifth Grade Farewell. It was a wonderful evening of reminiscing, apprehension about the future and smiles.  We wish the students well and will miss them dearly.

The kindergarten entertained and strutted their stuff at their “Send Off”. The students sang, recited poetry and were wished good luck as they move on to first grade. As noted at the event, the year has flown by and it is so difficult to believe that they are now first graders.

As always at the end of the year, I need to say thank you to the many people who make Lindeneau such a great place to be every day.

The PTO Executive Board under the direction of Mr. Rich Jeffreys, Mrs. Sally Yabra, Mrs. Carla Heller, Mrs. Cindy Lowe and Mr. Dave Stryker were paramount in arranging for the many events, trips, assemblies, and fund raisers which added to our children’s life experiences. I thank them and all the many PTO volunteers for their help at all these functions and fund raisers and for the membership for their contributions which make trips and assemblies take place and enable us to purchase trip t-shirts. It has been a true pleasure working with all of you and I look forward to the addition of Mrs. Christy Yascko as secretary as Mrs. Lowe steps down as treasurer and Mr. Stryker takes the helm as treasurer.

I also want to thank the faculty, staff and custodians for their unending energy and support throughout the year. They are an amazing group of educators who give of themselves in many areas of the school day. Each and every one of these people are an integral part of what makes a school function and in our case shine. Thank you so much.

Finally, I want to congratulate Mrs. Marilyn Latham on her retirement. She was a true master teacher. Her dedication to the children of Lindeneau School will never be forgotten. On behalf of the entire Lindeneau family, I wish her good luck and good health for many retirement years.

As I end my sixth year, as the principal of Lindeneau, I want to say thank you for your unending support and help throughout the year. Your children mean the world to me and nothing in my career even comes close to my joy of being here with them. I wish you a happy and healthy summer. Remember to participate in our
Reading Olympics!

Until next year,