Monday, February 10, 2014

Tricky Tray News

Tricky Tray News

Lindeneau's 6th Annual Tricky Tray will soon been here. The date is March 7th. It is our biggest fundraiser of the year and it funds many of the events at Lindeneau School. One example of what the funds raised from the tricky tray pay for is bussing for field trips. Without a successful Tricky Tray, field trips can’t happen. That is why it is imperative that we have another successful Tricky Tray this year, but we need the help of the entire Lindeneau community. Here are some ways you can help and participate.

Donations - We are still soliciting new/unused items. Please consider donating to the tricky tray, any items are accepted. The only requirements are that the items are new and non-perishable. Please send any donations you have to the school, attention Tricky Tray.

We are also asking for donations from local businesses in the form of goods, services or even gift cards. If you plan to visit a local business, please bring a donation flyer ( available here ) to the owner/manger and ask if they can help. Many have been very generous to Lindeneau in the past. Also, please ask your employer if they can donate.

Class Baskets - Another way you can help is by donating a themed item for your child’s class assigned basket. Boxes have been placed in each classroom to collect the donations you send in. Be as creative as you want with the theme and have fun selecting the items with your child(ren). Send as many items as you would like to and/or can afford to contribute to the class basket. The list of themes assigned to each class is available here. Donations are due by February 18th.

Empty Baskets - We are also requesting empty baskets. They are used for creating the baskets that are raffled as prizes. They can be any shape or size, plastic or wicker, etc.

Tickets - Tickets for the Tricky Tray are going fast. If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, it's not too late. Send in your order form ( available here ) and payment as soon as possible to be assured a seat.

Volunteers - We are also looking for volunteers to help on the night of the event with things like setup and 50/50. If you can help please sign up online by clicking here.

Even if you have never been to a Tricky tray before, we encourage you to participate in any capacity you can. It is a lot of fun and there are a lot of prizes, but it also takes the effort of the entire Lindeneau community to make it successful.

Thank you for your help in making Lindeneau “A Great Place to Grow”.

Lindeneau PTO