Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Fair is Coming

The last Book Fair of the year is coming and all books are buy one get one free! 

Reading is the most important skill you can teach a child. Of all the skills children learn, it is the one you can influence the most. We invite you to visit our Scholastic Book Fair and experience a celebration of reading that provides families the opportunity to get involved in a universal mission: encouraging kids to read every day so they can lead better lives.

Our Scholastic Book Fair is part of an exciting reading event that brings to school a wonderful selection of fun, engaging, and affordable books kids want to read. Giving kids access to good books and the opportunity to choose their own books will motivate them to read more. And like most acquired skills, the more kids practice reading, the better they’ll get.

All proceeds from the book fair help the PTO provide even more books for the classrooms and the school library. 

The Book Fair is open to students on Monday, May 19th, Tuesday, May 20th and Wednesday, May 21st.  They will shop with their class.

Volunteers Needed

We are still in need of some volunteers to help with the Book Fair, if you would like to help, please volunteer here.