Friday, December 14, 2012

Principals December Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Wow! This has been such a quick month. Many exciting things have occurred this month.

Our first PBSIS drawing for pizza lunch with me was held and the following students earned and won a pizza lunch for their good behavior:

Angelina O'Connor
Tatiana Depaola
Mathew Yasko
Jimmy Pfeiffer
Makayla Valor

Congratulations to all!

Our new Media Center has been officially opened. There are many people who deserve many thanks for all their time and efforts to make our library fully automated and organized. Thanks to: Jennifer Oranchak, Christine McCann, Rowena MacMahon, Sally, Ben and Jonathan Yabra, Lakshmi Rayadurgam , Minal Patel, Sujata Madan, Marge Szebenyi, Parul Patel, Marian Kovacs, Nora Stryker, Kim Yunker Trotman, Joann Pena, Rosemary Konar, Jill Solomon and the many teachers, staff and students who have helped over the past two school years. Special thanks to Ms. Kristin Blahuta for the beautiful murals which signify our pillars of character and PBSIS. Without all of your contributions this dream would never have come to fruition! Thank you!!

I hope everyone has seen the new additions to our school entrance. The beautiful benches and bike rack were purchased through the PTO and add a welcoming look to our school. Thank you PTO.

I want to also thank the Devarajan family and the PTO for the donation of the 55 inch flat screen television for the lunch room. It will stream the many thousands of pictures Mr. Devarajan has taken at our events over the years.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our conferences. The teachers enjoy touting your children’s successes and want to share their concerns so that your children get the most out of their education.

I know that many of you have asked about the school pictures. We have been inquiring and we were told that the processing lab is in Long Island, NY and were flooded by Hurricane Sandy. The pictures were not damaged but their processing was delayed. I was promised that they would be in next week.

Marc Kentos
Alyssa Zigre
Rylee Gallagher
Daniel Sweeney
Camilla Buch
Isaiah Caraballo
David Bravo
Bonnie Sellers
Isabella Wertz
Isaac Lee
Lesli Velez
Nimisha Kumar
Diana Castillo
AJ O'Conner
Ariana Bautista
Elvis Lopez
Ja-Son Wallace
Brooke Marotta
Gael Luna Saavedra
Johnny Oranchak

Just a few reminders:
  • Parking on the black top near the far door of the building is prohibited, with the exception of people needing handicapped parking. It is very dangerous to be pulling out when there are so many children being dismissed.
  • Parking in the bus zone is also prohibited.
Thank you for understanding!

Contrary to the way Lindeneau was depicted in the article on the district website about our NJ ASK 2012 test scores, I want to assure you that your children are getting the same quality education that students in other Edison Schools are getting. I work with the most amazing group of teachers and staff who work tirelessly to bring your children the best that Edison has to offer. Please do not look at us as anything other than one of the best. Together we make our children successful!  Thank you for your support.

I cannot believe that we are entering the season of giving. With that in mind I want to once again thank you for all the thoughtful gifts that you have given to me over the years. They are treasured and special. If you are so inclined again to grace me with something special please consider contributing to a charity or donating a book to our new Media Center.

Warm regards,

Rosemary Schutz